Today, we are thrilled to announce that will now be redirected to It is a platform that gathers real-world insights for safe and enriching outdoor experiences. Some of the topics being discussed are:

Brief History

SiciliaSicura initially served as a critical platform during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Designed to safeguard residents and visitors, the website facilitated the registration process for tourists traveling to the Sicilia region. By streamlining health screenings and travel documentation, SiciliaSicura played an instrumental role in managing the spread of the virus and ensuring a safer travel experience.


As the world adapts to a new normal and travel restrictions ease, SiciliaSicura is embracing a transformative journey of its own. Recognizing the untapped potential of Sicilia’s breathtaking landscapes and outdoor activities, we’ve pivoted our focus. No longer just a registration platform, SiciliaSicura is now your go-to hub for all things related to outdoor adventures. From hiking trails to gear reviews and adventure clothing, we’re committed to equipping you with everything you need to explore the great outdoors safely and enjoyably.

This transition aligns with our ongoing mission to serve the public good. Just as we once helped tourists navigate health protocols, we now aim to guide them through the natural wonders of not only Sicilia but slowly wherever our feet take us, backed by expert advice and trustworthy recommendations.

By making this shift, we’re not just changing our content but expanding our commitment to providing reliable, people-first information that enriches your life and adventures.

What Can You Expect?

  1. Diverse Content: Whether you’re a novice hiker or a seasoned traveler, the new platform will offer many articles, guides, and tips tailored to your interests.
  2. Expert Insights: With the combined expertise of SiciliaSicura and ItsCherieGonzales, readers can expect in-depth content, from choosing the right gear to understanding safety protocols.
  3. Community Building: Engage with a larger community of outdoor enthusiasts, share stories, and perhaps even plan collaborative adventures and travels.
  4. Stunning Visuals: Dive into a visual treat with breathtaking photographs from various adventures, capturing the essence of the great outdoors.

Here’s to conquering every slope, every trail, every step. Cheers!

For people visiting Sicilia, I do not have information or contact from the previous administration of the website, therefore I do not know where you can register your travel.

Maybe you can try to go to and see if you can find details about it.