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Get Ready for Winter: Top Gear for 2024 Skis Preview

2024 skis

Are you ready to hit the slopes with the latest and greatest ski gear for the 2024 season? From innovative ski designs to groundbreaking boot technologies, this year’s releases are nothing short of spectacular. Stay ahead of the curve and enhance your skiing experience by getting to know the top gear for 2024 skis!

But before that, discover more about gearing up for your ski trip in our comprehensive ski trip packing list article, ensuring you have all the essentials for a memorable mountain-escapade!

Short Summary

  • Get ready for an epic winter season with the newest 2024 skis, boots, and bindings!

  • Experience revolutionary ski boot technology plus custom & personalized design options.

  • Get excited for leading manufacturers Atomic, Volkl, and Line’s cutting-edge gear!

New Releases: Exciting 2024 Skis

Get ready to conquer the mountain with the hottest new skis for 2024! This season, ski manufacturers have outdone themselves, launching fantastic freestyle, freeride, and touring skis that will elevate your performance on the slopes. With cutting-edge designs and updated classics, you’ll be itching to hit the snow and test out these amazing skis.

Among the exciting new releases, we have:

  • Volkl Blaze 114 and Revolt 114

  • Moment Countach 110 and Wildcat 196

  • Elan Playmaker 91 and 101

  • DPS Kaizen collection

  • 4FRNT 23/24 MSP 99

  • Scott Pure skis

Whether you’re a freestyle daredevil, a freeride powerhouse, or a touring enthusiast, there’s a perfect pair of skis waiting for you.

Freestyle Skis

Freestyle skiing has never been more thrilling thanks to the latest developments in ski technology. The 2024 season marks the arrival of some groundbreaking freestyle skis that promise to deliver exceptional performance on the ski slopes. Designed to help you push your limits and perfect your tricks, these skis are a must-have for park and pipe skiers.

Among the new freestyle skis, we find:

Line Bacon

Screen Shot 2023 08 24 at 18.47.08 e1692910198440

-With Thin Tips

-Bio-Resin technologies

-Thick-Cut Sidewalls

-With a versatile 108mm waist width, symmetrical flex, lower swing weight, and durability improvements

Line Chronic

Screen Shot 2023 08 24 at 18.54.04 e1692910295391

-Integration of Bio-Resin for improved core cohesion.
-Introduction of Thin Tip Technology for tip and tail resilience.
-Robust-cut sidewalls ensure superior edge durability.
-Fine-tuned shape for versatile skiing experiences.
-Eco-friendly design for the environmentally-conscious skier.
-Equally adept for grand jump lines and trails.

HEAD Oblivion 102

oblivion 102

-Softer tip and tail for enhanced flexibility.
-A tighter turn radius ensures stability at high speeds.
-Excels in powder, offering a playful experience.
-Dynamic feel due to poplar and recycled PET core construction.
Twin tip shape for seamless switch landings.
-Versatile 102 mm waist for both floating and carving.

HEAD Oblivion 116

oblivion 116 e1692897276608 edited e1692910475352

-Wide full twin-tip platform measuring 116 mm underfoot.
-Features progressive rocker for enhanced performance.
-Weight-conscious core crafted from poplar wood and recycled PET.
-Effortless floating capabilities in deep powder.
-Versatile handling for diverse skiing styles.


Shaman 99

shaman 99

-Ideal for deep carving and dominating frontside turns.
-Versatile performance across the entire mountain.
-Shaman 2.0 99: Quicker edge-to-edge
-Features 8mm of camber underfoot for a lively rebound.
-A tight turning radius ensures easy in-and-out of turns.
-Tapered shape with a wide shovel and rockered tip and tail.
-Prevents tip dives even in the deepest snow.

These skis have been overhauled with new construction and shaping to win over a new generation of skiers.

Get ready to experience unparalleled pop, float, and maneuverability as you launch yourself into the world of freestyle skiing.

Freeride Skis

Freeriders, rejoice! The 2024 season brings a fantastic lineup of new freeride skis designed to help you conquer the mountain and explore untamed terrain. With enhanced float, stability, and versatility, these skis will have you craving for more all-mountain adventures.

Some of the most exciting new freeride skis include:

Scott Pure Mission 98

scott pure mission 98

-A versatile freeride-all mountain ski.
-Designed to perform in all snow conditions.
-Perfect for daily mountain enjoyment
-Features titanate and sandwich construction for stability.
-Light wood and carbon fibers ensure maneuverability.
-Ideal balance between resort skiing and backcountry adventures.

Volkl Revolt 114

volkl revolt 114

-Designed with speed enthusiasts in mind.
-Best suited for high-speed skiing.
-Offers unmatched stability and floatation during snowy days.
-A standout in the Revolt lineup.
-Constructed with a Multilayer Woodcore.
-Features Full Sidewalls and a Mini Cap wrap for durability.

K2 Mindbender 90 C

k2 mindbender 90c

-Employs Spectral Braid technology for enhanced performance.
-Provides precise torsional rigidity combined with a dynamic feel.
-Best suited for lighter skiers.
-A great option for those who prefer non-metal laminate skis.
-Built with an Aspen Veneer core for durability and responsiveness.
-Features an All-Terrain Rocker profile.

K2 Mindbender 106 C

k2 mindbender 106

-Perfect for unpredictable weather and varying forecasts.
-Women’s-specific design for tailored performance.
-Mid-fat waist for optimal balance and control.
-Lightweight Aspen Veneer wood core ensures agility.
-Enhanced with Spectral Braid technology for stability.
-Despite its light build, offers full maneuverability.

Renoun Endurance 88

renoun endurance 88

Despite its groomed terrain focus, it doesn’t compromise on off-trail performance.The full-metal titanal sheet combined with VibeStop™ (HDT) ensures a chatter-free, powerful skiing experience.Its shape and rocker profile suggest it’s more of a narrow all-mountain ski.The Endurance 88 is best suited for those who mainly ski on groomed terrains but also want the thrill of off-trail adventures.

These skis boast innovative features such as the Rustler and Sheeva skis. Trueblend wood core and FluxForm construction, provide excellent suspension and vibration damping.

Get ready to explore the mountain like never before with these amazing freeride skis.

Touring Skis

For those who crave both resort skiing and backcountry adventures, the 2024 season offers a fantastic selection of touring skis. These skis are designed to provide efficient uphill performance and reliable downhill capabilities, allowing you to explore the mountain with confidence and ease. Read my article about how to choose alpine touring skis for guidance.

Some of the new touring skis to look out for include:

Peak 104

peak 104

-Surfy Feel: 6mm thicker than the 98, offering a unique experience.
-Geographical Versatility: Powder ski in the East, all-mountain in the West.
-Dynamic Action: Slashes through trees and speeds to Trenchtown.
-Lighter Variant: The 104SC is a metal-reduced, lightweight version.
-Beneficial for Light Skiers: The 104SC is easier to handle and ideal for hiking turns.

Season Nexus


-Versatile Performance: Designed for both dreamy powder and challenging conditions.
-Reality-Ready: Excels in crud, mank, and other unpredictable terrains.
-Mid-100s Waist: Balances width for varied conditions.
-All-Directions Rocker: Quick edge-to-edge movement and great on groomed snow.
-Insurance for Snow Lovers: Reliable even when snow conditions aren’t ideal.

Season Forma

season forma

-Swallow-tailed for surfing fresh snow.
-Playful agility in a directional shape.
-Ideal for prime conditions and hunting leftover stashes.
-Updated with Ultralight Core and carbon layer.
-Features weight savings enhancements.
-Durable Nylon top sheet for longevity.
-Introduced in an all-new 177cm size.

Peak 98 SC

peak 98 SC

-Ideal for inbounds hike-to terrain and various snow conditions.
-Perfect for spring ski tours and summer couloirs.
-Offers enhanced maneuverability in a mid-fat width.
-“SC” denotes “side country” versatility.
-Compatible with various boot/binding combinations.
-Best paired with resort-to-AT hybrid bindings and freeride boots.
-Encourages skiers to push their limits.

Atomic Backland 95

atomic backland 95

-Designed for touring the entire mountain.
-Strikes balance between uphill efficiency and downhill stability.
-Reinterpreted from the original Backland.
-Reduces CO2 emissions by 30% with sustainable materials.
-Uses locally sourced poplar wood and less fiberglass.
-Features waste-reducing sidewalls for a lighter, stronger design.
-All-Terrain Profile enhances climbing and downhill performance.
-HRZN 3D tech improves float in powder and variable snow handling.

With their lightweight construction, these line skis will help you cover more ground and reach new heights in the backcountry. The upper and lower shell design contributes to their overall performance and durability.

Ski Boot Innovations: 2024 Edition

ski boots

As crucial as skis are to your skiing experience, ski boots play an equally important role in ensuring comfort and performance on the slopes. The 2024 season introduces some remarkable ski boot innovations, including freeride touring boots, BOA boots, and eco-friendly materials. These cutting-edge designs promise improved walkability, precise fit adjustments, and a reduced environmental impact.

From the lightweight and versatile Tigard boots by Dynafit to the precise fit adjustments offered by Salomon’s S/Pro SUPRA BOA boots, there’s a perfect pair of ski boots waiting for you. Embrace the future of ski boot technology and revolutionize your skiing experience with these amazing innovations.

Freeride Touring Boots

Freeride touring boots have come a long way, and the 2024 season is no exception. With improved walkability, performance, and comfort, these boots are designed to help you tackle backcountry terrain with ease. As a part of the freeride touring category, they offer the perfect balance between uphill efficiency and downhill performance.

Some of the new freeride touring boots on the market include the Quantum Free, Shadow, Cabrio, Nordica Unlimited, and the highly sought-after hoji free boots. These boots feature an impressive walk mode mechanism with a 65-degree range of motion, streamlined wire closure systems, and super durable materials and mechanisms for an easy experience. Among these, the Cabrio LV Free Line stands out as a popular choice for many freeride enthusiasts.

With these boots, you’ll be able to venture into the backcountry knowing you have the support and performance you need.

BOA Boots

BOA boots are making waves in the ski industry, offering precise fit adjustments and enhanced convenience for skiers of all levels. These boots utilize a dial-based system to tighten and loosen the boot, allowing for quick and easy adjustments on the fly.

Some of the latest new boa boots include Salomon’s S/Pro SUPRA boot, which features a BOA on the lower cuff, replacing the front two buckles. This system utilizes innovative technology which evenly distributes pressure on the top of your foot. It offers better enveloping of the instep and reduces common pressure points from buckles.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie on the slopes, BOA boots are a game-changer in ski boot technology.

Eco-Friendly Materials

As the ski industry moves towards a more sustainable future, eco-friendly materials are becoming increasingly important in ski boot manufacturing. By incorporating sustainable and recycled materials, ski boot manufacturers are reducing the environmental impact of their products and promoting responsible practices within the industry.

Companies like Tecnica are leading the charge, reducing PVCs and incorporating recycled materials into their ski boots. For example, Tecnica’s new ski boots feature a PVC-free, recycled power strap and additional recycled components in the buckles and soles of adult boots, as well as the shell of junior boots.

This shift towards eco-friendly materials is an exciting step forward for the ski industry, ensuring that we can all enjoy the slopes while minimizing our impact on the environment.

Bindings and Accessories: What’s New for 2024

ski bindings and accessories

Aside from skis and boots, bindings and accessories play a crucial role in your skiing experience. The 2024 season brings a host of new developments in ski bindings, poles, and avalanche safety gear, ensuring that you’re well-equipped for your adventures on the mountain.

From ultralight freeride bindings that pair minimalist tech fittings with durable materials and mechanisms to the latest ski poles with enhanced durability and grip, this year’s new gear has you covered.

Don’t forget to stay safe on the mountain with the newest avalanche safety gear, including beacons, probes, and shovels, ensuring that you’re prepared for any situation.

Touring Bindings

Touring bindings are essential for backcountry skiing, providing the perfect balance between functionality, durability, and compatibility. The latest touring bindings for the 2024 season incorporate innovative designs and materials to make your backcountry adventures as smooth and efficient as possible.

Some of the newest touring bindings include:

  • MTN Summit

  • MTN Pure

  • Marker Cruise

  • Cruise Tour

  • F5 JR

  • Strive bindings

These bindings feature exciting developments such as pin toe and heel, reduced step-in force, and bio-based plastic construction, ensuring that you can focus on enjoying the mountain without worrying about your gear.

Ski Poles

Ski poles are often overlooked, but they play a vital role in providing balance, stability, and extra push when needed. The 2024 season introduces new ski pole designs with enhanced durability, grip, and versatility, catering to various skiing styles and preferences.

Whether you’re an alpine skier, freestyler, or touring enthusiast, the latest ski poles are designed to meet your needs. With adjustable lengths, lightweight construction, and ergonomic grips, these new ski poles offer improved performance and comfort for skiers of all levels.

Avalanche Safety Gear

Avalanche safety gear is absolutely essential for any skier or snowboarder venturing into the backcountry. The 2024 season brings new advancements in avalanche safety equipment, helping to reduce the risk of being caught in an avalanche and aiding in the location and rescue of victims.

The latest avalanche safety gear includes:

  • Beacons: used to detect the location of a buried person in an avalanche

  • Probes: used to pinpoint the exact location of a buried person

  • Shovels: used to dig out a buried person

Equipping yourself with the latest avalanche safety gear is crucial for a safe and enjoyable backcountry experience.

Brand Spotlights: Leading Manufacturers in 2024

When it comes to ski gear, the leading manufacturers in the industry continue to push the boundaries of innovation and performance. In the 2024 season, brands such as Atomic, Rossignol, and Dynafit are at the forefront of the ski world, offering a diverse lineup of skis, boots, and accessories for all types of skiers.

From Atomic’s updated graphics and innovative ski designs to Rossignol’s Sender Free 110 and Forza series, these leading manufacturers are dedicated to providing the best possible skiing experience.

Let’s take a closer look at what each of these top brands has to offer for the 2024 season.

Atomic Skis

Atomic is a well-known ski brand that consistently delivers high-quality skis and equipment for all types of skiers. For the 2024 season, Atomic’s ski lineup features updated graphics, new boot models, and innovative ski designs that cater to a wide range of skiing preferences.

Some of the standout offerings from Atomic include the Vantage X, Vantage X Pro, and Vantage X Pro Carbon skis. These skis are designed to provide responsiveness and flexibility, with built-in notches for skins and low weight for efficient uphill travel.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert skier, Atomic Skis promises to elevate your performance on the slopes.

Rossignol Skis

Rossignol, a French ski and snowboard manufacturer, has a long history of producing top-notch equipment for skiers and snowboarders alike. In the 2024 season, Rossignol’s ski lineup includes exciting new offerings such as the Sender Free 110 and the Forza series, designed to cater to a wide range of skiers.

The Sender Free 110 skis feature deep rocker lines at both the tip and tail, a poplar wood core, and a 110mm waist width, providing excellent performance in various snow conditions. Rossignol’s Forza series spans everything from beginner-oriented carving skis to stout expert models, ensuring that there’s a perfect ski for every skier in their lineup.

Dynafit Skis & Boots

Dynafit is another leading ski brand that focuses on providing high-quality skis and boots for backcountry enthusiasts. For the 2024 season, Dynafit has introduced the new Tigard boots and skis, as well as updates to their Radical boot range and TLT X touring bindings. While not specifically mentioning Dynafit’s heaviest ski, these new products showcase the brand’s commitment to innovation and performance.

The Tigard boots are designed with lightweight construction, an impressive walk mode mechanism with a 65-degree range of motion, and streamlined wire closure systems for easy adjustments. Dynafit’s TLT X touring bindings offer a lightweight and durable design, perfect for backcountry skiing.

With Dynafit’s latest offerings, you can confidently venture into the backcountry knowing you have the support and performance you need.

Customization and Personalization: The Future of Ski Design

Custom and personalized ski design is a growing trend in the ski industry, allowing skiers to tailor their gear to their specific needs and preferences. From semi-custom and full-custom skis to signature models, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating the perfect ski setup for you.

Whether you’re interested in semi-custom skis with a pre-existing shape and customized flex and top sheet, or full-custom skis designed and built from scratch to your exact specifications, there’s a world of ski design waiting to be explored.

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of custom and personalized ski designs and what they have to offer.

Semi-Custom and Full-Custom Skis

The growing trend of custom ski design allows skiers to tailor their gear to their specific needs and preferences. Semi-custom skis typically have a pre-existing shape but allow for customization of the flex and top sheet, while full-custom skis offer complete customization of features such as sidecut, profile, mounting point, flex, and top sheet.

By choosing a custom ski design, you can ensure that your skis are perfectly suited to your skiing style, ability, and personal preferences. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a ski that’s easy to control, or an expert skier seeking a high-performance setup, custom skis offer the perfect solution for a truly personalized skiing experience.

Signature Models

Signature ski models are designed in collaboration with professional athletes and ski designers, offering unique performance characteristics and aesthetics. These skis typically feature the athlete’s preferred specifications, as well as stunning visual design elements that reflect their personal style.

With signature models, you can enjoy the same high-performance skis used by your favorite professional skiers, while also benefiting from their unique design elements and limited availability. Whether you’re a fan of a specific athlete or simply want a ski that stands out from the crowd, signature models provide a one-of-a-kind skiing experience.


In conclusion, the 2024 ski season is packed with incredible innovations and advancements in ski gear, from new ski designs and boot technologies to groundbreaking bindings and accessories. By staying informed about the latest offerings from leading manufacturers like Atomic, Rossignol, and Dynafit, as well as exploring the world of custom and personalized ski design, you can elevate your skiing experience and make an informed decision about the best gear for you. Get ready to hit the slopes with confidence and style, knowing you’re equipped with the latest and greatest ski gear for the 2024 season.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the latest innovations in ski gear for the 2024 season?

Get ready for the 2024 ski season – leading manufacturers like Atomic, Rossignol, and Dynafit have unveiled groundbreaking boot technologies, innovative bindings and accessories, as well as exciting new ski designs!

These new products are designed to provide skiers with the best possible experience on the slopes. They feature improved comfort, better control, and increased stability. With these new technologies, skiers can enjoy a more enjoyable and safe skiing experience.

The new ski designs are also designed.

Are custom skis a growing trend in the ski industry?

Custom skis are a rapidly growing trend in the ski industry, allowing skiers to tailor their gear to their exact needs and preferences! Semi-custom, full-custom, and signature models are now all available.

What is the difference between semi-custom and full-custom skis?

Customize your ride with semi-custom or full-custom skis! Semi-custom skis allow you to adjust the flex and top sheet, while full-custom skis enable you to dial in all aspects of your ski’s design.

Get ready to carve your own path!

What are the benefits of eco-friendly materials in ski boots?

Eco-friendly materials in ski boots offer many benefits: reducing environmental impact, promoting sustainability, and improving durability.

Enjoying winter sports while minimizing their environmental footprint is now more possible than ever before!

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